I recently completed a contract with an editing firm working with a Swiss-based NGO that is constructing an online platform that its employees in the field (partner countries) can access to help them address land and resource conflicts in a more sensitive manner.
This project gave me the opportunity to demonstrate the power relatively simple UX research deliverables have on facilitating meaningful discussion in meetings and uniting an entire team towards a common goal.
The editing firm I was working with had created an initial iteration of the platform and I was given the freedom to approach and evaluate it from a users' standpoint and produce a set of deliverables that I thought best captured the usability pitfalls and suggested fixes for future versions.
Given the rapid turnaround required for this project, I decided to deliver a primary persona, user journey map (including walking the primary persona through the online tool), and a heuristic evaluation of the existing tool with recommendations for how to address each usability issue.
Overall user journey of the primary persona's job, including use of the land tool.
The complete user flow through the Land Tool, including annotations suggesting they way our primary persona might step through the process.
Finally, I provided a set of rough wireframes that offered a glimpse into one possible way that this prototype could be turned into a fully-fledged SaaS application.
'Home' grid
Within an individual questionnaire, the user has the option to view their answers to other questionnaires...
This demonstrates what a split view might look like so that users could reference their previously completed questionnaires while simultaneously filling out another questionnaire...
A side-by-side view of an active questionnaire on the right and a read-only view of their previously filled out questionnaire on the left...
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