Shaun Burley
strategy | research | design

"Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”

Ludwig Van Beethoven

I wear many hats, but you'll most likely see me donning a classic "flatcap" - this way I avoid ever needing to brush my hair.

I am a native of Colorado, which doesn't mean I grew up on the side of a mountain, but it does mean I can hold my breath longer than you.

My favorite design tool is the laser cutter. I'm continually discovering new capabilities of these versatile machines, and they are SO much faster than 3D printing!

I always end up with too much wheat... I'll trade you four wheats for a wood and a brick.

My greatest strength is in reframing a problem in order to find a unique solution. Some may call this “thinking outside the box” but I prefer to call it “thinking in many boxes.” This involves analogical thinking to apply similar schema to different domains - ask me about it! ::after

I believe an artist is most successful when their work inspires creativity in those who experience it.

The creative output of one person is never as good as the output of several people in a collaborative environment.

I have performed in symphony halls, living rooms, and on bar tables.

I learned the true meaning of patience while listening to an Indian classical music concert. Three hours, one raga - I'm in!

Given the choice between learning a few phrases in many languages or learning one language really well, I’d pick the former. For me, the objective of speaking a language is to connect with people - if I can say a few phrases, I can establish a better rapport with someone whom I'm interviewing or testing.

Mondrian lamp