Donate with Venmo mobile feature concept

Venmo Gives logo
I designed this simple logo for the project.

Stated challenge

Design a solution within the Venmo mobile app that would encourage and allow users of their mobile payment platform to donate money to charities or crowdfunded projects in a way that is inline with Venmo’s brand identity.

Our Solution

Adding a ‘charity discovery and selection’ feature to the settings section of the app, and adding the option to round up every payment you make through Venmo to the nearest dollar, which would be donated to the charity you’ve selected.

Our solution also aimed to take advantage of the social aspect of the platform by allowing users to encourage their friends to donate as well.

menu flow
donate flow

My Role

One third of a UX design team, my role included strategy, user interviews, and building the assets to use in our mock-ups and interactive prototypes.

persona one
persona two
persona three


  • Sitemap
  • Personas
  • User flows
  • mobile screen mocks
  • Interactive prototype

Timeframe of project: two weeks.

pay flow changes

My biggest challenge

Discovering what motivates the typical Venmo user to donate to charity, then determining how to insert that into the Venmo user experience seamlessly and unobtrusively.

payment screens
exploring causes
donating directly to a cause

Team members:

  • Kelly Vanover
  • Erika Scott
  • Shaun Burley