Mediated architecture a reactive physical space that educates

Designing interactions for a media installation and a pinwheel...

...outside a children's library that engages children of all ages in a magical and educational experience, using their breath to create waves of light that shoot across the facade of the building.

Using an electric motor as an inductive generator

I was able to make the motor an input for a micro controller connected to a laptop running Processing code. This code communicated with the lightwall's API, which is what allowed it to trigger animations along the length of the installation.

Engaging children in a playful exploration...

...of physics, electricity, and wind power. Kids were able to create their own pinwheel and mount it onto a motor shaft that connected to an Arduino micro controller. Using their breath to spin the pinwheels, waves of light propogated in the direction of their airflow.

Taking advantage of the kids' reactions... the dynamic physical space as a learning opportunity, we crafted a brief introduction to wind energy on our pinwheel template that introduced students to the science of wind energy and inductive electricity generation, the same principle that we were taking advantage of to power this project.

Setting up our project across the street from the library installation.
We used Arduino to capture the spinning pinwheel and Processing to plug into the Lightwall's API.

Team Members

  • Shaun Burley
  • Gilly Johnson
lightwall lighting up with breath
Lightwall constructed by Jacob Marsico, Ultra Low Res Studios