Shaun Burley
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Technology should work for people, not the other way around.

Shaun Burley - capstone project
Twenty20: a visual tool

Research, design, and strategy that brings retail buyers out of the merky depths of spreadsheet hell into the light of modern consumer-facing SaaS products.

Shaun Burley - citibike
Citibike +  Watch

Making your bike commute safer and more convenient by putting glanceable navigation on your wrist.

Venmo Gives logo
Mobile feature design

A fast-paced design sprint aimed at convincing people to donate to charity through an existing mobile P2P payment platform.

Shaun Burley - wave flapping model gif
Reactive spaces

A kinetic sculpture that reacts to observers and raises awareness of a political and social issue.

Shaun Burley - lightwall lighting up with breath
Mediated architecture

Turning a generative installation into a reactive installation with Arduino and Processing.

Shaun Burley conducting interviews on golf course
The Future of Golf

Revitalizing an old sport with new technology. Reframing a traditional business to uncover new growth opportunities using existing resources. Understanding through bodystorming and experiential prototyping.

Shaun Burley - close up of windchime servo arm
Ambient sonic display

Physical computing project that uses windchimes to subtly communicate the condition of your garden's soil, where changes in timbre represent changes in moisture level.

IoT hub logo
Managing IoT device security

How can we design an in-home IoT device manager that is secure and scalable? This project involved mobile screen design, lots of research, and a dose of video animation.

dashboard on skewed screen
Ecological dashboard

Dynamic infographics and custom animation that communicates important ecological changes and aims to encourage better environmental policy decisions.

I am a recent graduate of the Masters in Human Computer Interaction program at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. I approach HCI with a creative background in the performing arts, and over the last three years I have completed a diverse set of projects in both professional and academic settings. In my academic projects, I have received guidance from professors who are leading cutting edge research at the confluence of technology, design, psychology, and sociology. Before attending Carnegie Mellon, I trained in UX Design in New York City at General Assembly where I designed for wearables, mobile, and responsive web applications and picked up many best practices from industry leaders.

As a professional musician I've held leadership positions with symphony orchestras, Balkan brass bands, and smaller ensembles. I have several years of experience freelancing as a teacher and performer before deciding to transition my career into technology design. Music has given me many transferrable skills and my experiences on the stage and in the classroom are a positive influence on my approach to user-centered research and design.

I am looking for opportunities where I can combine my artistic sensibility with my skills in user research, interaction design, and rapid prototyping to domains I either already have subject matter expertise in or am passionate about diving into further!

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Fabrication and crafts

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